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Here are some comments from the staff using PointsPlan based rewards programs

I really love this website, it brings a lot of excitement to my job knowing that I can sell great products and get great free rewards for doing that.. . . . Keep up the great work, the website seems to get better with age, a great learning guide, lots of fun.
- Dennis
The AR Rewards program is easily one of the best Incentive programs Futureshop is affiliated with for its employees. I think you and AR are doing an outstanding job. Thank You.
- Richard Carr Store# 702
This website is a great tool for me and I used to visit it 2 to 3 time a week.
- Greg Finlay, Store Manager
I would like to congratulate you on the extra motivation and knowledge your products and websites provide.
- Ravi Grover
I already told most of my co-workers about the points rewards and they were ecstatic about it!!!! i`m spreading the word, i told them about the extra points you can get and all that, this is great. -
- Forum Posting
The more people know about the site, the more sales, profit and commissions will be generated.
- Forum Posting
I find that building enthusiasm among co-workers, telling them that they can actually acquire what they are selling,(excellent cables, speakers, even trips and more) with no cost to them, except to visit the site and educate themselves on all recoton and AR products will actually build confidence and make them an authority in selling accessories.
- Forum Posting
Just wanted to say that I love this site!
- Forum Posting
Thumbs up Recoton for your new web site i really like it very user friendly,much better selection and great new stuff good work.Keep it up !!!!
- Lander
Theres no better way to be in the game than to know the score and track your sales
- Forum Posting
On a weekly basis it helps motivate you in the right direction i have recieved alot of bonus points during this promo i started the promo with 300 points now i have over 1200 points it works. I can only imagine how many of our staff memebers dont know the program is on. My store is number 2 in Master Series and number 7 over all and we’ll only get better.
- Forum Posting
Points are great. I think that getting points is a great incentive and an awesome way for us to enjoy our jobs more, everyone loves getting free stuff don't they?
- Forum Posting
This site and the rewards program are both awesome!!
- Forum Posting

Proven Results

PointsPlan was so successful that the Ivey School of Business at the University of Western Ontario conducted a study of sites powered by PointsPlan,as an example of effective use of the internet.