Targeted Results

Who do you target?

Most incentive plans target the top performers. Within a few weeks most staff know that they won't win the trip or they won't get the car. A handful of top performers continue to be motivated by a major prize but the vast majority give up and continue their former behavior. PointsPlan "incentivizes" ALL of your staff. Even your most mediocre sales staff can reasonably believe that they will eventually get an award if they continue to earn points. The higher their points value climbs the closer they get to earning a prize they want. That motivates them to take more training, complete more quizzes and sell more products.

The 80 / 20 rule works in reverse with a broad based sales promotion. Finding a way to improve the performance of the 80% who are not your current top performers can reap far greater profits than relying on the top performers who are already working at a high level.

PointsPlan gives you a way to get your average salespeople motivated to improve their attachment rates. Believing that they are less likely to earn points with their sales, they are more likely than the top performers to use the rewards on the site. They will read the tutorials and take the quizzes to earn points. Over time they become familiar with the product and comfortable offering it. As they accumulate points they get excited about the opportunity to get a prize. They now make an extra effort to attach in order to get the prize they want.

As the sales level of the 80% improves, the sales level of the top performers typically rises as well. Before long attachment selling becomes a culture.

Proven Results

PointsPlan was so successful that the Ivey School of Business at the University of Western Ontario conducted a study of sites powered by PointsPlan,as an example of effective use of the internet.