Our Products

Incentive Plans

PointsPlan provides a points based incentive plan that can be used to reward any activity you want to promote. PointsPlan can be working for you within weeks. It does not affect your current systems or require any new software or systems investment.

Training Programs

Training your staff on-line is the fastest, most efficient way to get provable results. You can create on line training and verify its effectiveness with quizzes and tests.

Your staff can be rewarded for taking the quiz or for achieving a particular mark. They can be rewarded with points or with any prize you wish to use. Their quiz answers are tracked and future quiz questions can emphasize questions they missed.

It is easy to add training programs from your browser. Using our WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor is just like using Word. You can even paste in information from other sources. You can add any image on your hard drive and resize it. You can add new pages to existing training programs or modify existing pages. When you introduce new models or features, you can update your training programs instantly with no programming.

You can create and update quizzes instantly. Questions can include illustrations, images or flash.


You can quickly create surveys from your own computer with no programming. Find out what your employees think in real time. Ask staff to rate your questions numerically or you can ask questions that require open ended answers. You can see the results instantly. You may have as many surveys as you want running at the same time. Think of the advantage of knowing your staff's opinion of a new program, promotion or policy in hours, not months.


We give you numerous ways to communicate with your staff.

Post New Web Pages

You can post news or announcement webpages on your PointsPlan website easily, from your own computer, with no programming required. Pages can be personalized with the viewers name, location, city and personal sales information.

Automated Email

You can send targeted email messages to your staff's private email addresses. Create the messages on your own computer and add customized personal information. Send the email to all your staff, selected locations, staff meeting (or not meeting) your sales sales targets or to an individual staff member.

Website Promotions

We can create targeted website promotions that will only appear on the web pages of staff meeting the criteria you select Do you have a sales problem in your eastern locations that have been open more than a year and have sales of widgets less than $20,000.00? We can target a promotion to only those stores. You can run multiple promotions concurrently.

Personalized Mailings

Automatically create files that you can use with your word processor to produce personalized mailings. You can send your letters to all employees, employees meeting criteria you choose or to all employees in a region or store. You can also send customized letters to all branch managers which include a report on every employee at their location. Our programs create both the files and the template.

Proven Results

PointsPlan was so successful that the Ivey School of Business at the University of Western Ontario conducted a study of sites powered by PointsPlan,as an example of effective use of the internet.