Cost Control

Program Cost Controls

Our program and our experience keep program costs under control.

The program can be structured to be completely vendor financed. Vendor participation can be in the form of direct financial contributions or you can solicit contributions of merchandise to be used as awards.

Low Administration Costs

Incentive programs often fail to provide the expected ROI due to much higher than budgeted administration costs. An incentive program involving several thousand staff members can literally bury your administrative staff in paperwork.

Approving prize awards forms submitted, marking tests and quizzes, managing special bonuses, processing and entering results into the database can overwhelm your already lean administrative capacity.

PointsPlan is completely self administrating. Prize order processing is completely automated. Points are immediately deducted, all employee files are updated, a confirmation is sent to the employee and an order is created instantly. Order inquiries by staff are handled on-line. Our automated systems do the tracking.

Use your own prizes

While PointsPlan can supply the prizes offered, the program is also designed to allow you to use your own products as prizes in the points store. Unlike other programs, you are not obligated to purchase prizes through PointsPlan.

Retailers using this program can partner with participating vendors to have them not only provide the prizes but to also fulfill the orders, taking that burden off of your shoulders.

Vendors benefit by getting your products into the hands of the staff who are selling them. The best sales technique ever used is "This is what I am using." You also benefit through the advertising value of having your products listed in the points store with a full description of the product's features and benefits. If your products aren't suitable as prizes, PointsPlan can offer a wide range of attractive products, gift cards and travel at competive prices.

Rules Management

Properly drafted program rules can keep your expenses low while still motivating your staff. Rules that are not designed to maximize your results can be very costly. Program fraud or unexpected "loopholes" in your awards rules can quickly result in massive cost overruns.

PointsPlan was created with cost management and fraud prevention built into the system. This lowers your cost and makes budgeting predicable.

The redemption rate during the first year of a PointsPlan promotion can be under 20%. A managed program can keep redemptions under 50% for the life of the program.

Administration of an incentive program can bury your organization in paperwork. PointsPlan lets you and your staff concentrate on your business. Our automated systems do all the work for you.

Proven Results

PointsPlan was so successful that the Ivey School of Business at the University of Western Ontario conducted a study of sites powered by PointsPlan,as an example of effective use of the internet.