Real World Integration

Customize your total communication

PointsPlan can generate data that allows you to personalize your printed communication. We allow you to personally correspond with the people who sell your products, goods and services.

We can create files that allow you to merge data with many popular word processing packages including Word and WordPerfect. Personalization can include First Name, Last Name, Location, City, Total Sales, Last Month's sales, Total Points Awarded, Balance of Points Available plus many other combinations of data that allow you to make your correspondence relevant.

Let us do it for you!

We can produce the personalized materials for you. Our in-house printing and binding equipment allows us to produce flyers, posters, booklets and presentations with blistering speed. We can have 2,000 full color personalized letters with personalized brochures created, printed, folded, stuffed and addressed in under twenty-four hours*.

Targeted communication produces better results

Our system can automatically create a personalized merge list that includes only those staff who meet certain criteria. You do not need to send your correspondence to all staff if you only need to target a particular group. If you want to send a mailing to all employees in your eastern region with sales of gray widgets over $30,000.00 for each of the last four months and sales of green widgets of at least $10,000.00 in the last month - we can provide the list. Be as detailed as you wish. We help you get the most from your advertising dollars by targeting your message.

* extra fees apply to rush projects

Proven Results

PointsPlan was so successful that the Ivey School of Business at the University of Western Ontario conducted a study of sites powered by PointsPlan,as an example of effective use of the internet.