Communicate directly with the people selling your products

Post Articles

Directly from your browser you can add articles and announcements to the website.

With no knowledge of HTML our WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor allows you to format, add color, add links and add pictures to the article. You can select a date range for the article to appear. You can add a quiz or survey to your page. If you know HTML, you have full access to edit the source code.

Add a Quiz

You can add a quiz or add or modify questions for an existing quiz directly from your browser. Create a pool of questions. Inform the program how many questions you want to appear on each quiz and the system will automatically choose that number of unique questions.

The results of every quiz are stored. You can determine who took the quiz and the questions that they missed. This allows you to target further questions to reinforce their weaknesses.

You can select the points to be awarded and the percentage required to earn them.

Add a Survey

You can add a survey. Choose True or False, 1 to 5, 1 to 10 or open ended questions. You can select a full page survey or a survey to appear in a banner.
From the Executive website you can examine the results of your survey in real time.
Select the start date and end date of your quiz. You can even target your quiz to specific stores.
You can insert your quiz on the main website or on any of the vendor sites. This allows you to target your quiz to only those viewing a specific brand.

The Forum -Two Way Communication

A forum on the site allows staff to post questions and get answers from a moderator you select and from each other.
You can award points for making a first posting or the moderator can award points for exceptional postings.
A product recommendation or sales tip from another employee is very believable and can have a tremendous influence on employee confidence.

Automated Emails

One of the best advantages of the PointsPlan system is your ability to collect the personal email addresses of the majority of your sales staff.
Our system allows you to create an email message that is automatically sent to the employees you select.

Employees can be chosen by many criteria

  • Total Sales
  • Sales last month
  • Available Points
  • Points Redeemed
  • Attachment Rate
  • All employees
  • Employees in selected stores

Emails are customized with the employees name, store, total sales, sales last month, total points, available points and attachment rate. They are seamlessly integrated. Our emails are so well customized that we often get personal replies from recipients.

Proven Results

PointsPlan was so successful that the Ivey School of Business at the University of Western Ontario conducted a study of sites powered by PointsPlan,as an example of effective use of the internet.